Falkenkrone Premium Pils:

Our Falkenkrone Premium Pils is a classic bottom-fermented plain wheat beer. Brewed in the Pilsen style, with a slight hop bitterness and an alcohol content of 4.9%. Selected noble hops, finest Pilsener malts , bottom-fermented yeast from our own pure breeding and our particularly mild and crystal clear water from our own deep well give this beer specialty its unique taste .

All our beers are brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516 with selected hops, barley and wheat malt and are subject to constant quality controls.Best drink our Falkenkrone Premium Pils at a drinking temperature of about 6 ° to 8 ° Celsius.

Distribution area: Falkenkrone Premium Pils is popular throughout the Federal Republic.

Falkenkrone Premium export:

Our bottom-fermented export or draught beer is full-bodied and strong in taste. This is due to the generously selected ingredients, strictly controlled of course. To ensure that it can be kept on the road without refrigeration, it is brewed stronger than other types of beer with a higher malt content. The alcohol content is about 5.4% vol. and means zero risk and 100% transportable. Our export beer is dominated by a spicy, pleasant malt sweetness. A subtle hint of hops can be detected in the background.

As the name suggests, export beers were intended for export to distant countries. To survive the long transport routes, it was brewed stronger. Due to the increased original gravity and alcohol content, an extended shelf life could be achieved and it can be light or dark.

Falkenkrone Premium Altbier:

Falkenkrone Premium Altbier is a classic, bright, top-fermented full-bodied beer brewed according to the old traditional art of brewing, with an alcohol content of approx. 4.8%. The finest hops and special roasted malts from controlled cultivation give this classic beer specialty its unique and unmistakable amber color and distinctive, slightly smoky malt aroma.

It is the perfect beer for beer connoisseurs who prefer a beer with distinct spiciness and extra full body.For the perfect Altbier enjoyment, we recommend serving in specially designed Altbier glass at an ideal drinking temperature of about 6° to 8° Celsius.

Distribution area: Altbier is drunk mainly in the Lower Rhine region and in Düsseldorf. Beer lovers drink this classic beer specialty also nationwide.

Falkenkrone Premium Wheat Beers:

Our Falkenkrone Premium Wheat Beers are mildly hopped and are characterized by a distinctive wheat aroma and a light pleasant hop bloom. It is brewed from 70% bulk wheat malt and about 30% pale barley malt.

The finest hops and, in the case of the dark variety, special roasted malts from controlled cultivation give our wheat beers this unique and unmistakable taste.
The pleasantly sweet, fruity banana flavor in the Falkenkrone Hefeweizen variety refreshes in the main drink and is soft and mild in the finish.

We recommend our Falkenkrone wheat beers to all those beer connoisseurs who appreciate a somewhat quaffable, slightly bitter beer. With an alcohol content of about 5.2%, it is an intense, refreshing taste experience, not only in the summer months.

Drunk at a drinking temperature of about 6° – 8° degrees Celsius it is optimal

Area of distribution: Nationwide and more and more this beer specialty is appreciated all over the world. Especially it prepares but also from the south further and further north.

Falkenkrone Premium Top Fermented:

Our Falkenkrone Premium Top Fermented is a top fermented, pale, bright full-bodied beer, with an alcohol content of approx. 4.8% brewed according to traditional brewing methods. The finest hops and selected malts from controlled cultivation give this full-bodied beer its unique and unmistakable taste.

Falkenkrone Premium Top Fermented is brewed with light barley malt, has a golden yellow color and is lean in taste, full-bodied, accented with a light malt note.
A perfect taste experience for beer connoisseurs who place particular value on a balanced, mild hop aroma and to whom hop bitterness is less appealing. It is best enjoyed at a drinking temperature of about 6° to 8° Celsius and our specially designed Kölner Stangenglass.

Distribution area: Falkenkrone Obergärig is in demand nationwide due to its mild taste, compared to other tart beer varieties.