The brand Falcon Crown:

The Falkenkrone Bierspezialitäten brand distributes top-fermented and bottom-fermented beers such as Altbier, Weizenbier, Pils, Export and other well-known beer varieties throughout Germany.

In 1910 it was registered for the first time at the German Patent and Trademark Office as a word and figurative mark. In 1995, it was successfully reintroduced to the beer market as a word and figurative mark with a further class extension.

The brand Falkenkrone has asserted itself in this highly competitive beer market for decades ,particularly successful in the registered trademark classes as a brand at the German Trademark and Patent Office and for the future Falkenkrone is well positioned.

For our products we are still looking for business and distribution partners internationally and especially For the regions.

-North Rhine-Westphalia


What you can expect from us as a business and sales partner?

If we have aroused your interest for a successful cooperation, please direct your inquiries as a business and sales partner only by mail or mail to [email protected] / Mr. Canbay . Please understand that we have chosen this way of contact for the time being.

After receiving your documents, we will contact you immediately and arrange a meeting.